Up all night, got demons to fight. #ShovelKnight

Up all night, got demons to fight. #ShovelKnight

Studio Ghibli + Bikes

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En mèxico ya nos bañabamos a jicarazos y con agua fría antes de que fuera popular.

En mèxico ya nos bañabamos a jicarazos y con agua fría antes de que fuera popular.

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Drake:  You... you don't hate me?
Nicki Minaj:  You idiot! That's all in your head.
Drake:  But... I hate myself.
Rihanna:  Those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others.
Drake:  I am wicked... a coward... weak... and...
Beyoncé:  If you know yourself, you can be kind to others.
Drake:  I hate myself. But... I might be able to love myself. I might be able to stay here. Yes. I am nothing, but I... I am myself. I wish to be myself. I wish to stay here as myself. I am worthy of living here!
Nicki Minaj:  Congratulations!
Rihanna:  Congratulations!
Beyoncé:  Congratulations!
Lil Wayne:  Congratulations!
Jay Z:  Congratulations!
A$AP Rocky:  Congratulations!
Jhene Aiko:  Congratulations!
Kanye West:  Congratulations!
DJ Khaled:  Congratulations!
Birdman:  Congratulations!
Nebby:  Congratulations!
Sandi Graham:  Congratulations!
Drake:  Thank you!
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No. 168 “The Unarmed” 

Rest In Peace…

to Michael Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell And the countless other lives that have been taken away from this world due to prejudice.

And an honor to the many people in Ferguson standing up, fighting, hoping that some kind of justice can be had in the midst of chaos.

At last, a new Revolutionary Times comic has arrived. 

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My Neighbor’s Bikini, Jimmy Beaulieu

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We don’t need no shows..


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